The company Micropoda

Micropoda, entomological and environmental expertise

The company Micropoda is an office of experts born from the desire of Vincent LEGROS et Jacques ROCHAT partners to combine their experiences, skills and complementary expertise in entomology and ecology for the benefit of an ambitious common project for the knowledge and preservation of biodiversity, in a context of growing awareness of environmental issues.

What is the meaning of the name Micropoda ?

The term Micropoda refers to animals of small sizes (micro-) having legs (-poda). Indeed, the company Micropoda considers entomology (the study of insects) in the broad sense. It is therefore interested in insects (six pairs of legs or Hexa-poda), but also to all the other groups of animals with so-called “articulated” legs (Arthro-poda) better known under the name of the phylum Arthropods: for example, Arachnids: spiders, mites, scorpions (four pairs of legs), centipedes and millipedes (multitude of legs or Myria-poda) and also woodlice which are terrestrial crustaceans (Iso-poda)!