Our references

Targeted entomological studies,
Disturbance measurements

Entomological studies or publications carried out by members of our team, in their own name, within the framework of Micropoda or the Insectarium de La Réunion.

Year Beneficiary Object Place
2018 FDGDON Identification of arthropod samples and functional groups. Saint-Paul
2018 Max Planck Institute Logistical support and local relay for field experimentation. Trois Bassins, Saint-Pierre
2017 FDGDON Support for photographic identifications of arthropods. Saint-Paul
2013-2015 CIRAD, Réunion Chamber of Agriculture Entomological expertise for the agroecology project Biophyto. Saint-Pierre
2014 Réunion national Park Study of the terrestrial arthropofauna of the tamarind forest and of the ericoid sub-alpine thicket subjected to historical fires. Le Tampon,  Saint-Paul
2013 ONF Study of the evolution of the altitudinal distribution of Lepidoptera from Reunion Island over the past 30 years (BEST 2011) Ouest de l'île
2011 City of Le Port Study of the effectiveness of a new device for trapping mosquitoes. Le Port
2006 DEAL Réunion IImpact of chemical treatments against the Chikungunya vector on the arthropofauna of Réunion. Saint-Denis, Saint-Paul
2006 City of Le Port Assessment of the local tiger mosquito population. Le Port
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