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Managers of natural areas

Public institutions and referent organizations for the protection or management of natural spaces and biodiversity.

DEAL Réunion
Reunion Island Environment, Planning and Housing Department, Nature, Water and Landscapes Department.
Reunion Island Biodiversity Strategy [in French].

Réunion national Park
A tool for the management and protection of Reunion's natural environments, ensures the management of the natural site of Pitons, cirques et remparts inscribed on the World Heritage List by Unesco.

ONF Réunion
National Forestry Office, Réunion-Mayotte regional office.

Conservatoire du littoral
Coastal and Shoreline Conservatory.

CEN Réunion
Reunion Island Conservatory of Natural Areas.

ENS de Réunion
Espaces Naturels Sensibles du Département de La Réunion.

UICN France
French Committee of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).
Red Lists of Threatened Species.

Insect and Biodiversity Resource Centers

Museums, establishments and information centers on insects and biodiversity.

Office for Insects and their Environment.

Insectarium de Montréal
One of the largest museums entirely devoted to naturalized or living insects in North America.

Insectarium de La Réunion
The reference center for knowing, promoting and protecting Reunion's Arthropods - Closed.

CBN-CPIE Mascarin
Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives Mascarin, Reunion Island Botanical Garden.

MHN de La Réunion
Reunion Island Natural History Museum.


Reunion Island insect and biodiversity research organizations.

University of La Réunion
The Human and Environmental Sciences training and research unit, Department of Terrestrial Ecology.

CIRAD Réunion
International Center for Agricultural Research for Development.

Taxonomy and repositories

Taxonomic repositories and sites dedicated to particular taxonomic groups.

Taxonomic repositories for the flora and fauna of mainland France and overseas.

BOLD Systems
Reference Barcode Database, Arthropods section.

The world's largest database of ant images, specimens and natural history.

Catalog and bibliography of the taxonomy of ants around the world.

CBNM Mascarine
Mascarene flora database (National Botanical Conservatory of Mascarin).

AfroMoths and African Moths
Online taxonomic, geographic and photographic databases of African moth species.

Lepidoptera and others... (
Taxonomic reference for Lepidoptera (and others).

FLOW Fulgoromorpha Lists On the Web
A database dedicated to the knowledge and taxonomy of Fulgoromorphs.

World Spider Catalog
Catalog and bibliography of the taxonomy of spiders around the world.