A specialist field

Insects, and other arthropods, the main compartment of biodiversity, both a subject of attention and a powerful tool of expertise.

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A team with a high level training in ecology and entomology, associated with an intense practice in the field.

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More than 20 years of experience in eco-entomology on various issues and in the service of Reunion's biodiversity.

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An expertise in entomology with multiple applications

for the attention of stakeholders and managers of natural environments, project owners, companies and their quality assurance, public health organizations, individuals and eco-responsible citizens, representatives of the State and the implementation of public policies in favor of biodiversity.

A wide coverage of the territory of La Réunion...

and in the southwestern indian ocean

  • Mayotte

    A transposition of the robust methods developed in Réunion to effectively approach a very little known fauna in a different ecological context.

  • Scattered and austral Islands

    In addition to Reunion (Re) and Mayotte (My), Europa (Eu), Juan de Nova (JN), Glorioso (Go), Tromelin (Tr) and Amsterdam islands.