Our references

Awareness, communication and scientific publishing

Scientific work and expertise carried out by our team within the framework of Micropoda or the Insectarium of La Réunion.

Year Beneficiary Object Place
Since 2019 IPSIO, Vahatra Coordination of a general public publication on the iconic insects of Madagascar and the southwestern area of ​​the Indian Ocean. Madagascar
Since 2019 Atelier TLJ Partnership for the creation of a clothing line with patterns inspired by the entomological biodiversity of Reunion Island. Réunion
Since 2002 Various authors and publishers Appui scientifique à l'édition de livres et documents sur la biodiversité de La Réunion. Réunion
Since 2002 Museum of natural History, Réunion national Park, various authors Writing of chapters of scientific books on the biodiversity of Réunion. Réunion
2017 Cal. Academy of Science Scientific assistance for the translation into French of the book "Ants of Madagascar". Madagascar
2016 National Forestry Office,
Réunion national Park,
City of St-Benoît
Creation of signage and educational documents for the Grand-Etang site. Saint-Benoît
2005-2006 National Forestry Office Animation for the Day of Research at the National Nature Reserve of Mare Longue. Saint-Philippe
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